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The Avion Group is a collection of aviation companies that provide the ultimate in commercial flight training. Combined, our companies provide everything your airline may need regarding pilot training.

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The world's most advanced full flight simulators

The Avion Sim Level D FFS is the lightest, most rugged, most versatile and greenest simulator on the planet. It is also the most cost-effective and affordable FFS available, by far.

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Total flight training solutions

Avion Training provides all necessary tools to train your current and future pilots. Our services and products range from instruction, training courses, type rating programs and training facilities.

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Advanced pilot financing and provisioning

Avion Cadet takes care of everything needed to finance pilot training from zero to type rating. We provide these services to airlines and candidates. Our pilot provisioning program matches pilots to our airline customers.

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Flight simulator leasing solutions

Avion Lease takes care of all the financial handling of your Avion flight simulator. This way you can enjoy low-cost operation and high quality pilot training without any worries.

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About Avion Group

Avion Group is a group of aviation companies that together provide a total flight training solution. The Group was formally founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Marty van Veluw and Arthur Bezuidenhout and is based in The Netherlands.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive training solution for students, pilots and airlines using innovative and efficient methods whilst maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

Taking care of our world

Inspired by the Van Veluw Group’s instrumental role in the design and construction of the IFTC energy-neutral simulator in Antalya, Turkey, it is our target to operate our companies in a more environmentally responsible way.

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Avion Group

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Avion Sim / Avion Lease

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Avion Training / Avion Cadet

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