Flight Training in Greece

We have unveiled Athens, Greece, as our new location to operate an Avion Flight Training Center. We intend to open the training center close to Athens International Airport early next year. Avion brings full-motion training for the Airbus A320 family back to Greece.

Training solutions

We integrated all systems and components within our simulator's moving structure (including all computers, air-conditioning, and the airstairs). This approach reduces costs on maintenance, facility infrastructure, and energy consumption. That is why we can offer you the training solutions at a desirable rate.


The simulator will be EASA qualified. Designed to ensure effective and industry-leading UPRT capabilities, Avion has developed an innovative, best-in-class full flight simulator.

Location Greece

The location near
Athens Int. Airport
will be announced soon.
Tel: +31 20 225 8484
Email: info@aviongroup.aero