Keep your pilots at the highest level

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, air operators reduced their operations. Airspace closures, travel bans, and low demand makes operation near impossible. Some airlines operate at a minimum of their planned capacity, other airlines have completely stopped to operate. Not flying at all or very little creates some challenges regarding pilot proficiency and recency. Avion has developed a cost effective and short recurrent program to keep your pilots at the highest level you want them to be.

The need of full flight simulators

For a professional pilot to remain proficient he needs to train in a flight simulator at least 4 times a year. At least one of these sessions should be used to renew the professional pilots license which has a fixed validity date. Also, to be allowed to fly commercially a pilot should have made 3 take offs and landings ether in an aircraft or in a simulator in the last 90 days. For most airlines flying has come to a standstill, so a full flight simulator is needed for recency. Because of social distancing measures some flight simulator centers have closed or are unreachable due to low air travel options. To help cope air operators with their proficiency challenges rule relaxations have been issued both by EASA and the FAA. Most proficiency due dates may be extended up to 4 months, thus relaxing the pressure on training departments as training and checking may be postponed.

Recency requirement

Most legislators have not relaxed the recency requirements though. And for good reason. Sending a pilot up into the sky without any landing experience for more than 90 days does not sound like a very good idea. So, before pilots are allowed to fly there is a requirement for simulator training and experience. When COVID-19 measures are relaxed and demand for air travel returns most operators probably will want to start up their operation at the same time, creating a huge peak in simulator training demand.

Flatten the curve, plan ahead

To manage this peak in simulator demand we need to spread it out over time. Like the COVID-19 response we need to flatten the curve. Keeping flight crew ready for operations will significantly improve the startup time for an airline. Retaining pilot skills will also keep morale high and will allow for a safer and faster startup after COVID-19.

At Avion, we have developed a cost effective and short recurrent program, available at our flight training centers in London and Malta. If desired, we can offer the recurrent program together with our training partners. We as Avion are happy to assist you in implementing this program in your training organization.