Flight Training Center at home

You can now get your own flight training center at your doorstep. At Avion, we can set up your flight training center, designed to your specific needs and requirements. This will substantially lower your flight crew training cost by avoiding hotel cost and daily allowances. It will also reduce travel risks and improve your crew productivity. Together we can realize your strategic growth plans by creating your own training center. 

Financial solutions - Made to measure

Whether you want to buy or use a long-term lease, we can arrange the best fitting option for you. If you choose a long-term lease, the lease payments are based on actual training usage. You don’t need to lease or acquire the entire capacity and you will have preferred booking access for the flight training center. You have the opportunity to buy the simulator at a later stage if so desired. 

Training Center design - Lighter and faster

The Avion Full Flight Simulator has a unique self-contained design and does not require an access bridge or separate server or air conditioning rooms. This results in simplified building requirements and therefore lower costs. Based on our own flight training center experience, we can assist you by designing your own training center, taking into account all the requirements you may have with regards to reception, class rooms, spares storage, future expansion needs, solar panels etc. 

Operation and maintenance - Systematic support

Avion provides 24/7 operational support with the selection and training of local maintenance staff. Or assist you in setting this up yourself. We provide maintenance scheduling and planning systems and put a spare parts backup and provisioning system in place. We can support you in setting up your own advanced training organization, which lowers your dependency on third parties.

No more hassle

At Avion, we give aviation companies of all sizes the opportunity to reduce training costs and minimize travel time of pilots. But more importantly, we deliver an ultimate training experience that excites even the most seasoned pilots in the world.

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