Capt. Eric Cordina Chief Pilot Training at Air Malta

“As a company we have benefitted greatly from the cost-savings and flexibility gained due to the simulator being located at our home base. Avion works hard to continuously improve their product and are always readily available to help try accommodate any requests.”

Capt. Ir. Fons Claerbout Senior Test Pilot

“Avion succeeded very well by using an approach with an empty sheet. The critical loop is optimized to produce the best possible handling and flying qualities as close as possible to the aircraft. The motion system and the drivers are of new generation with adaptive queuing to make maximum use of the long stroke. This results in more realistic behavior in the critical maneuvers like rejected take off and engine failure after take-off. The new Instructor Operating System is more intuitive than previous generation but still very familiar for experienced instructors.”

Capt. James Kingdon Leach CEO at IAGO Flight Training

“I'm delighted with the high level of collaboration from Avion that's enabled the introduction of a next generation A320 Full Flight Simulator in the London Gatwick area. The Avion team are innovative, highly motivated and great to work with. Avion state of the art simulation technologies allied with IAGO differentiated training programs combine to deliver exceptional flight crew learning and development opportunities. The London Gatwick training venue will provide the market and our existing airline customers with greater choice, flexibility and value here in the UK. In partnership with the Avion Group we look forward to creating further market leading flight training solutions moving forward.”

Capt. Filippos Siakkas Director of Operational Training at Air Astana

“I enjoy working with the Avion team. They are driven by innovation, go for the highest quality and they aim for success. One of the most dedicated, strong minded and professional teams in the industry.”

Capt. John Galea Flight Operations Inspector at Transport Malta - Civil Aviation Directorate (TM-CAD)

“From my experience, I feel reassured that the professional and supportive staff with Avion’s Group subsidiary Simliner Malta ensure that operators are provided with the highest level of service possible that is tailored made to meet the exigencies of the operators concerned. The installation of the A320 FSTD in Malta has complemented the aviation expansion plan that TM-CAD has embarked on to provide all the parties concerned with the latest simulator technology.”

Richard Couwenbergh Accountmanager at VDL ETG

“A perfect Dutch collaboration between an innovative simulator developer and a high-tech production factory. Strength through collaboration.”