Engineering partner

The bridge between training and technology requires a thorough understanding of both these fields. IDT has just that. It’s is a specialist in training and simulation and participates in and contributes to knowledge on training, human behaviour and technology capabilities. They specify training requirements and scope out the appropriate training content and methods for training centers.

IDT also qualifies simulator sub-systems and entire simulators for aircraft up to FAR-25 heavy transport-category. They develop new technologies such as motion cueing systems, motion drive algorithms, visual display databases and acceptance test manuals. The customers include training centers, simulator manufacturers and airline/training center operators.

Engineering and research

Another area of flight simulation is engineering and research. A virtual environment can help the aircraft development process by reducing in-flight testing. The simulator can serve as a platform for evaluating human-machine interactions and design variations in the aircraft or avionics systems. Determining the proper match between the human and the virtual environment is essential in order that the results are truly representative of the real situation. IDT has developed technologies to understand and quantify this behaviour. They support engineering and research centers in developing the appropriate testing tools and integrating their simulators in the most effective way so their goals are achieved.

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