Do you like your pilots to be the best they can be?

Based on our Approved Training Organization (ATO) approval we can offer you an Airbus A320 family or Boeing 737 variants type rating course which we can combine with an Operator Conversion Course. This will provide an operator with a tailored type rating course with several significant standardization and cost advantages. We use the Evidence Based Training (EBT) competencies in our grading system and use the EBT philosophy where possible during all our training. This will not only create better pilots it most likely also lowers your operational risk! Avion believes that through the EBT philosophy your pilots will be better prepared to manage all future issues.

We have substantial experience in the set-up of an approved EASA ATO’s and we can assist you in the set up and approval process of your own EASA ATO. Having your own ATO as an airline provides you with enhanced training oversight and a significant reduction in training cost. The Avion Training ATO only uses highly experienced trainers and examiners who have substantial experience training and checking experience in the airline industry. Each trainer and examiner have to pass a recruitment and initial standardization process and will be exposed to, unannounced, training standardization inspections at regular time intervals.

We simply want the best trainers and examiners to deliver the best training.

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