The beating heart of aviation

London is a great place to train whilst enjoying the pleasure and connectivity offered by one of the world's most iconic cities. In March 2020, we opened the Avion Flight Training Centre near London Gatwick Airport. To meet the needs of our customers, we have moved our training facilities to Luton. The new Avion Flight Training Centre is located at London Luton Airport.

Training solutions

We integrated all systems and components within our simulator's moving structure (including all computers, air-conditioning, and the airstairs). This approach reduces costs on maintenance, facility infrastructure, and energy consumption. That is why we can offer you the training solutions at a desirable rate. Together with our partner IAGO Flight Training, we provide wet lease solutions fitted to your organization's needs.


Download our Flight Simulation Training Device Qualification Certificates (EASA and CAA UK) for the Avion Flight Training Centre in London.

Download EASA certificate

Download CAA UK certificate

Location London Luton

Avion Flight Training Centre Luton
Hangar 26, Percival Way
Luton, LU2 9PA
Tel: +44 1293 32 40 64