Next generation training

Avion was founded in 2015 and the team consists of experts from various technical and operational areas of the aviation industry and outside. With that know-how and expertise we have developed a next generation flight simulator that is outstanding in every way. Because we believe that every pilot has the right to do the training in the best possible environment, closer to home, at lower cost.

What we do

Avion serves an international customer base with flight simulators and pilot training. Our activities include the design and manufacturing of simulators as well as the operation of flight training centers.

How we do it

Compared to traditional simulators, Avion uses the latest proven technology to achieve a better flight training experience at a lower total cost of ownership. We can do so thanks to the unique design, extremely efficient power consumption, and preventive remote maintenance. It allows us to deliver a ‘plug & fly’ experience to our customers. We give aviation companies of all sizes the opportunity to reduce training costs, minimise travel time of pilots. But more importantly, we deliver an ultimate training experience that surprisingly excites even the most seasoned pilots in the world.